Ramadahotels is a hotel chain found throughout the world.  For more than 40 years they have continued to grow with over 1000 hotels to their name.  The Ramadahotel offers excellent service to make your hotel experience superior to other establishments.  Customers are simply coming back for more, because of all the bonuses with staying with any of their hotels.  This website has been reviewed in 2005.

Searches on terms like ramadainn.com, ramadahotels.com, ramadahotel.com are sometimes made by people trying to find the hotel.  Although ramadainn.com, ramadahotels.com, ramadahotel.com may be related - it may not get web surfers to the right destination.  We provide the proper contact information at the bottom of this article.

As soon as you come to the official Ramadahotel website you will notice their name on the top left side of the home page.  The background is white with a gray box of to the left side of the page.  Running along the top of the homepage you will likely see a red bar (color may change) of listed selections. 

Ramada has made this website very user friendly, which can only speed the process up.  In a matter of moments you can have your room booked and get on to other plans.  On the left side of the page is a gray box.  Here you are able to enter the city of your choice, while using the drop down boxes to adjust the dates.  If you would like an advanced search to fine tune you travel plans use the Reservation page found at the top listing across the home webpage.  You can enter corporate ID numbers, Trip Rewards Member numbers and other options as well. 

The Locations page is a really helpful page when you are searching for one of their hotels around the world.  You have access to the Ramada’s hotel listing in particular countries.  You’ll find the Ramada inn hotels in convenient city locations throughout the world. 

Next to the Locations page is the Promotion page.  This is clearly a helpful page for those looking for a deal.  Read about Ramada’s best rate policy when booking online.  There are vacation deals to hot to pass up, so you need to check these out.  Once you are in the Promotion page look over to the left side.  You will see a gray box with a listing of specials.  If you love to save money then go with the Package Deals listing and read see all the hotel deals available. 

You may qualify for some of the programs the Ramadahotels have to offer.  Select Programs at the top of the home page to find out.  Next to Programs you will see Trip Rewards.  Select this option and be dazzled by all the cool ways to receive the Trip Rewards you have earned.  It’s a simple and enjoyable way to receive free gifts, free meals and even free stays.  It doesn’t stop there, so make sure to check it out.

If you would like to visit the official Ramada website you can use this link provided.  http://www.ramada.com.  Under the Contact Us section at the top of the homepage you can send them an email if you so desire.  Ramadahotel looks forward to hearing from you with any questions or concerns you may have.  Otherwise you can contact the Ramada by phone.  For reservations please call 1-800-2Ramada or for Customer Service (Guest) please call: 1-800-828-6644.  For all other international callers the Ramada has a listing of all the telephone numbers you will need.  They are found again under the Contact Us section under Telephone numbers.

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